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  • Meishe River Fengxiang Wetland Park R...
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  • Meishe River Fengxiang Wetland Park River Reach
  • Haikou Yongxing Town West Lake Yulong spring
  • Overlooking China's most beautiful fishing village
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  • Meishe River Fengxiang Wetland Park R...
  • Haikou Yongxing Town West Lake Yulong...
  • Overlooking China
  • Egret

Acting Governor

Shen Xiaoming

Hainan Province is the only tropical island in China and the country's largest Special Economic Zone . Since the foundation of the Special Economic Zone in 1988, Hainan Province has achieved significant economic and social developments...
Leader's activities
Governor’s resume
Sanya sees increase in tourist numbers for upcoming ...
Scenic spots and hotels in Sanya have...
Festival & Sport Event Reference
Hainan major public festival and even...
Cycling on Hainan Island
Haikou has a fairly good bike shop wh...
Impression . Hainan Island
After his highly acclaimed Olympic op...
Hainan Carnival
From the beginning the first weekend ...
  Hainan Province to create a public resource transactions "a net"
  Reporters on January 13 learned from the provincial government service center. Upgrade and optimi...[[Detail...]
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"Joan Yue labor export framework agreement" signed
Livestock and aquatic products in our province special re...
The province issued a total of 7.796 billion yuan of smal...
Hainan to carry out employment assistance month activities
Haikou car shift routes are here!
Hainan Province held a press conference on strengthening ...
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Dongshan Lamb
Because of its unique characteristics, Dongshan lamb does not have the muttony smell of its northern...
Wenchang Chicken
This ranks amongst China’s top chicken dishes and is an island speciality. In Hainan, people...
Passion Fruit
Also called 100 fragrance fruit, the passion fruit originates from Australia and Brazil. The juice contains...
This vulnerable tree species found all across China is the country's only representative of this family...
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